Phoenixict Co., Ltd.
Web Developer (Backed-end)

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•   Develops software by guiding development of program specifications given by Team Lead.

•   Work closely with other members of the Development Team to both develop detailed specification documents with clear project deliverables and timelines, and to ensure timely completion of deliverables.

•   Creates and executes unit testing and integration testing ensuring module meets requirements.

•   Attend meetings during the development process and response to development clinches.

•   Work with Team Lead to build and refine codes for platform development. Must have strong skills and knowledge in agile coding, cyber-security code assessment or equivalent application(s).

•   Determine appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations to Team Lead.

•   Communicate to the Team Lead with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays.

•   Engage in outside-the- box thinking to provide high value-of-service to entire platform development.

•   Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into operations and activities.

•   Responsible on planning, and implementation to meet the development timeline.



••••JS, RESTful, API, JSON, XMLwould be advantages.

•would be advantages.

•jQuery, AngularJS, etc.) would be advantages.

•Experience of Software engineering methodologies (Ex. AgileDevelopment), Software development tools (Eclipse, Sublime, Visual Studio). •Experience of unit testing, automated testing (Selenium) code management tools (SVN) and Continuous integration tools. ••••••Thai national or must be legally able to work in Thailand without the company having to obtain a work permit.

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About us

Sinwattana is the name of the trusted Crowdfunding platform in Thailand, we aim to serve millions globally. Our platform offers various options to serve market demand via use of Donation, Reward and Equity. To advocate and enroll global adoption, we are open to collaborate with local of any countries for those who aspire to serve the crowd wholeheartedly.

The team started our idea with communities and people in mind. We have attained support to strive towards an impactful and inclusive platform where we identify meaningful projects for our donors and investors.Development started since 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.Pride on our core values of earning your TRUST, working with INTEGRITY and serving with DIGNITY, we believes that 'Funding should never be a showstopper to genuine individual or businesses who wants CHANGE and generate IMPACT towards a greater better world'.

Co-creation is another key focus as we form partners and strategic alliances across Asia. With the vision for growth, we positioned "Gateway to Asia through Thailand”. We are one of key driver for change and a disruptor in FINTech.We are PEOPLE's platform!


- Insurance

- Birthday gift

- Vacation Trip

- Wedding Allowance

- Baby Incentives

- Training Course

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Phoenixict Co., Ltd.

Address : 139 Sethiwan Tower 17thFloor, Zone A, Pan rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


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1 11 Mar 19 Legal Executive
2 11 Mar 19 Digital Marketing
3 01 Feb 19 Accountant
4 01 Feb 19 Web Developer (Front-end)
5 31 Jan 19 Business Admin
6 28 Jan 19 Project Coordinator
7 28 Jan 19 Business Development
8 28 Jan 19 Graphic Designer
9 28 Jan 19 Web Developer (Backed-end)
10 28 Jan 19 Web Designer
11 28 Jan 19 Infrastructure Engineer